Our Advantage

Resistant to moisture, chemical, bacteria, heat & cold:

The REPSCO Plastic Slipsheet will not absorb moisture and maintains its strength and integrity even when wet. Most solvents and chemicals have no effect on the sheet. The non-porous plastic material will support neither bacteria growth nor insect larve. In freezer applications, surface sticking is eliminated. All REPSCO Plastic Slipsheets meet FDA standards.

Better load handling:

REPSCO's exclusive SURE-GRIP laminated top surface ensures fewer damaged loads. The bottom surface has a lower coefficient of friction, allowing the sheet to slide more easily for enhanced handling. Surface patterns improve cushioning effect and maintain load integrity.

Reduced environmental impact:

REPSCO Plastic Slipheets are 100 percent recyclable. Your REPSCO representative will help custom-design the most cost-effective slipsheet recycling program for your operation. REPSCO offers a unique buy-back program, or we can connect you with a qualified recycler in your area. Either way, you can help save trees while you save money.

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