Turning Green to Gold

Plastic Slipsheet Implementation Successes

The pallet-free movement is saving companies millions worldwide while significantly reducing their environmental impact. In 2006 98% of material collected from Dell Computer manufacturing centers in the US was recycled and made into new products, like plastic slipsheets. Dell saved over 24,000 tons of packaging material by annual reduction and elimination of corrugated, plastic foam, and wood materials.

The vignettes below offer a quick glimpse of four companies’ success at turning green initiatives into sound economic policy. We encourage you to visit our “Toward a Pallet-Free World” section for a detailed look at how this is happening.

Intel Corp.

  • Initiative: Utilize high cube containers and rework SKU footprint
  • Results: 50% more saleable product into each container
  • Benefit: Every other container is essentially free

Home Depot

  • Initiative: Encourage vendors to convert to slipsheets vs. wood pallets
  • Results: 36,000 tons of wood waste avoided
  • Benefit: $7 million annual savings in materials handling costs

Dell Computers

  • Initiative: Eliminate pallets on inbound and outbound shipments
  • Results: Over 17,000 tons of waste kept out of landfills
  • Benefit: Over $30 million saved in packaging costs

TPVI (Computer Monitor Manufacturer)

  • Initiative: Eliminate pallets on monitor shipments
  • Results: 25% more saleable product into each container
  • Benefit: Every 4th container is essentially free

Recommended Reading

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